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Funtech Systems offers ICT products and solutions as well as ICT training. In February 2017,
Funtech became an EC Council Authorised Training and Testing Center for Cybersecurity courses.

Technical Support

We provide full maintenance support for all systems; a multi-tiered approach is adopted to minimize any downtime. Management and Security, Blade and Virtualisation

ICT Training

Networking & Cybersecurity Introduction to Computers & PC Repair & Maintenace, Discounted Exam Vouchers, ICDL Training & Testing

Network Infrastructure

Structured Cabling, Fibre Optic, Wireless- Mobility, Adaptive Firewalls, IPS, Antivirus, Network Management, Routing & Switching and Support Services

Cyber Security Online Courses

We offer online courses below is a link to access the platform and a timetable. Click start learning now.

Course Name Date (mm/dd) Month Industry
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 04/27 - 05/01 April All
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 05/18 - 05/22 May All
ECIH EC-Council Certified Incident Handler 05/18 - 05/20 May All
CND Certified Network Defender 06/22 - 06/26 June All
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 07/27 - 07/31 July All
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 08/24 - 08/28 August All
ECSA EC-Council Certified Security Analyst 08/24 - 08/28 August All
ECSA EC-Council Certified Security Analyst 09/21 - 09/25 September All
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 09/21 - 09/25 September All
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 10/19 - 10/23 October All
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 11/23 - 11/27 November All
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker 12/14 - 12/18 December All


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We are partners with leading ICT suppliers, that is what makes us unique!

(CISCO Certification, a reality with Funtech Systems)

Funtech Systems is a member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe and accredited to CISCO, SOPHOS, NETAPP and EC Council Partner.

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Our vision is to be the preferred provider of ICT products and services locally, regionally and the global community.

CCNA Routing and Switching

CCNP Routing and Switching


CEH Certified Ethical Hacking

See What Our Students Are Saying?

Testimony from our former students,
and our clients.

" In this Evolution of the migration to high-tech at international level, It’s been a privilege and advantage for me to be trained at Funtech System by highly qualified Network Tutors and Experts, which are responsive and adaptive to the Cisco Updates and changes, Cisco Certifications are the World leading Certifications that are ... internationally recognized, and I’ve managed to accomplish six Cisco Certifications with Funtech College which are CCNP and CCNA Security. I love the fact that the school is mainly focused in assisting and educating individuals to match international IT production standards. I feel that I’ve received more than what I paid for. I’m now working at Microcom Technologies. I have just passed an interview to go and work in Turkey and I will be leaving by April 2019.Thank you "

Micaiah Kaseke - CCNA , CCNP Routing & Switching , CCNA Security

" Hello people My name is Ranganai Moreblessing Rakata My Networking journey started 7 yrs ago at Funtech when they were still at Devonshire building in 2012 where I got my CCNA training and I certified. After certification Mr Kumire took me on board as his first PA and also trained and mentored me to become a CISCO Trainer....The Funtech statement determination seperates people always motivated me to work harder.I got a job at Telco a Zimbabwean telecoms Company where I worked for 9 months.Funtech assisted me to get my CCNP certification and more understanding of the network concepts. I then left Telco for Liquid Telecomms where I met more Funtech trained guys who were very helpful both at work and outside.I started as a SOC tech and was promoted to a NOC tech. My elder brother from Funtech Mbii who is based in Dubai recommended me at his workplace and I easily passed the interview so I am now working as a project engineer MVP tech Dubai. Thank you Funtech family for the love and support! "

Ranganai Moreblessing Rakata - CCNA

" It is my greatest honour to share with you my, experience as a Funtech Alumnus. My relation with Funtech Systems started way back in 2012 when Funtech Systems was just a start-up company backdoor in-house setup with lectures conducted on a white board on the top of a Freezer .I was so privileged to be taught by Mr L Kumire himself the CEO of Funtech System at Devonshire Flat. All these years I have learnt a lot, from Mr “ F ” who has been nurturing me a lot from day one I stepped into his house. ... At that time I had just finished my Ordinary level awaiting results, that’s when my networking career kick-started. I decided to join Funtech Family and do Cisco Certifications to keep my mind busy, “An idol mind is the devils play ground.”
“Determination separates people” Funtech moto, I have managed to peruse a total of 9 modules as indicated from my profile above. All these years, the journey was tough, sometimes my parents couldn’t afford to pay for the examination fees whilst I had finished the trainings. Funtech having realised and seen the hardworking spirit in me they decided to offer scholarship through fees discounts. Leeroy and I were the 2 first students to be offered these by Mr Kumire himself see newspaper attached.
Fast track, I then went to complete tertiary education at Chinhoyi University of Technology soon after finishing the course I got a job. Mr Kumire always say “chase the knowledge first and money will chase you”, having a job has never been that of a hassle to me , through the networking that Funtech has , they facilitate me in getting the job . The fact that Funtech is a well-known Training academy , their recommendation letter is worth a million trust me .Indicating that you are Funtech Trained , employers know that they are now dealing with world class engineers with the professionalism ,expertise and ethics to deliver effectively.
Currently working as a Trainee Networking Engineer at Techsol Systems a Cisco Premium Partner. Furthermore Mr Kumire incorporated me to his team members and mentored me to become a CISCO Trainer (CCNA) currently working there on part-time.
As a student for Funtech Systems Academy since 2014 I have been completely satisfied with the way lectures are conducted. The punctuality, student to teacher ratio, professionalism all is what defines Funtech Systems. They do excellent job which includes after service delivery meaning to say after completing your courses with Funtech you are now part of Funtech Family.
Advantages of being a family include and not limited to receiving technical assistance, resources anytime, attending seminars with professionals from different companies, networking with high profile engineers and so forth. The amount of fee payment is not even proportional when taking into consideration the myriad services, resources, knowledge that one earns during or after training with Funtech. The way Funtech trains its remarkable!!! "

Profile Bruce Nyasha Chando – Bsc IT, CCENT, CCNA, CCNA Sec, CCNP

Our Partners

Funtech Systems is a member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe and accredited to CISCO, SOPHOS, NETAPP and EC Council Partner.


The Governing Board of EC-Council oversees the certification affairs of the organization, subject to decisions on policy and actions by the membership during meetings or by ballot. The Governing Board consists of security professionals from the IT industry and representatives from IT companies.


Sophos is a security software and hardware company. Sophos develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security and unified threat management.


Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.